4 Focus Points for a Better 2022

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It happens every year. People start thinking about how the year ahead will be different because they are resolved to be different. Better. 80%

Statistics say 80% of those New Year’s Resolutions will be broken by February. I’ve learned to realize that every sunrise brings a new day, week, and even a year. Keep the mindset that you can decide on a resolution at any point, and anything worth doing is worth starting right away. You may even be able to incorporate a friend or loved one with this.

Humans are built to excel when working together. Here are four things that will dramatically change your year by increasing your self-awareness and mindset.

  • WELL-BEING Most people don’t stop to think about their well-being. In taking time to consider our overall health, we need to recognize the value of a spectrum. When light passes through a spectrum we get to see it broken apart. In the same way, light is broken apart to see the rainbow, we are equally complex. Our well-being includes all aspects of who we are. We are scaled in our physical health, financial health, spiritual health, mental health, and the list goes on. To truly optimize your well-being, you need to recognize your many facets and where you exist on each scale.
  • PRIORITIZE As you begin to identify with the many pieces of your life, take a moment and record them. People who keep a journal (some use list journals) will find they can spend time reflecting when they read and review. To make any great change, it’s helpful to tackle smaller challenges first. True change will happen when we implement a small change and work on creating a new habit. Remember, it takes about 21 days to create a new habit but can take longer if we are replacing an old habit. Keep faith in yourself and renew the commitment often.
  • LIVE WITH INTENTION Intention requires thought. The statement, “As a man thinketh, so is he.” While the statement is founded in scriptural reference, it is also the title of a book written in 1903 to address mindfulness. It’s true that we are the product of our thoughts. Either our lives will lead us, leaving us to react and be emotional. OR! We can live our lives. We can pause to think about how we will go about something, and then review ourselves often to stay on target. Intend to respond with your words and actions, instead of allowing impulses and reactions. Intend to be cheerful, instead of absorbing anger, injustice, and irritation at someone’s driving, statements, or actions. Whatever you do, intend to do it.
  • PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FINANCES There is a very clear difference between the haves and have-nots. Those who have money know that money works for you. Money makes money, meaning where you invest is your reward. I can’t begin to tell you how many people I’ve heard complain about what they don’t have, only to get a bit of money and go buy something. I have had limited savings, and live with the have-nots. I thought this was okay because I don’t tend to have “wants” as a result of having low or no-cost interests. Having to declare bankruptcy changed my attitude, leading me to identify the importance of investing sooner rather than later. If you get a bit of “extra” at any point, do you rush to get a new appliance or gadget? Or do you set it aside in saving while you think about how to make the money serve you?

Note: All four are something you can control. The pandemic, the attitudes of others, bad traffic, kids? Focus on the only thing you truly control — yourself.

Welcome to 2022! It’s gonna be great!



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Tess Obenauf

Tess Obenauf

Multifaceted Individual - Writer, Parent, Coach, Dreamer — “Be a voice, not a number!” LinkedIn/Facebook/Instagram: Tess Obenauf